The History of WLW Network

wlw network logoWelcome to WLW Network, LLC! This business was founded after recognizing a need for assistance with healing from trauma and grief with great focus on self-empowerment. I am a survivor of thriving after child abuse, domestic violence, and infant loss. I believe all people who have lived through these types of trauma deserve to thrive, and I’ve brought together various components to ensure success.

In my experiences with counseling, I struggled with trusting another person to truly accept me and the trauma I had lived through. Without trust, I was never able to dig deep and heal the most life-shattering wounds or the behaviors that came with them. I did learn how to repeat my experiences aloud with nominal emotion; no matter what counselors believed because of this skill, I wasn’t healed. My pain and hurt were increasing with each passing year as I lived in an abusive marriage. My life needed to change and I needed to heal. Little did I know, the abuse in my marriage would be the catalyst for what would eventually become this business.

I sat terrified, talking with a friend in California. I was reading her the text messages between my ex and me, sharing how I just knew he was going to show up and the result would be devastating. Deep in my gut, I knew my life was about to become even more challenging. That friend who kept me company by phone encouraged me to reach out to my local domestic violence shelter. I did. It was the first time I ever packed up my children, leaving in the middle of the night, and stayed in a hidden location. The condition in their assistance was meeting with them the next morning to discuss my options and to explain my fear with examples of incidents. In that meeting, my advocate opened my eyes and heart to the true depth of suffering I had endured for over a decade. It was after that meeting in late 2015 when I opened up about domestic abuse publicly.

In filing a request for an order of protection, I learned just how skewed the legal system is in protecting victims. I submitted 14 pages of incidents, beginning first with the most recent occurrence and progressing backward in time. It was through that chronicling of attacks and assaults where I could see the intensity and frequency of his control and outbursts increasing, including his threats of physical violence. In the state where I used to reside, orders of protection are seldom granted when children are a factor. It was clearly evident my children and I were in danger, yet a genetic connection between my ex and son resulted in a five-day wait and denial. I had two choices: cower and hide or fight.

I found my voice. Quivering, trembling, and uncertain of the risk I was taking, I spoke loudly. I learned about the types of abuse I had endured. I shared my struggles and successes. All the while, I navigated a challenging situation where my ex-husband had a sudden boost in confidence believing he was suddenly above the law. As I made small steps forward, my ex-husband became more irate and did all he could to hurt me, believing his choices to hurt himself and a long list of women would cause me to crumble. They didn’t. His lack of control caused him to make a bold choice. Ten months after I filed for an order of protection, my ex-husband threatened to disappear with the kids and ensure no one would find my body because I refused to accommodate his need to control me. Less than a week later, my children and I were in a new state – rebuilding our lives.

Our connections with one another, setting healthy boundaries individually and as a family, refusing to accept further trauma from his abuse, and so much more created a rough system for healing. It was in the collective decisions I made to promote our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health where I found a combination of tools as a foundation for self-acceptance, self-empowerment, and healing the deepest of wounds. I took it upon myself to look backward while propelling ourselves forward; I leaned heavily on my education in psychology to understand the methods which led to our radical improvement. The data of each aspect I implemented had significant results as individual healing modalities!

As I weighed what I wanted to do with my new life professionally, I continued to reflect on how we have all grown individually and the story of our journey. I looked at all of my professional experiences, their common themes, successes, and failures. In discussion with a small, phenomenal tribe of women, I developed a business based on my biggest dreams and strengths. I wanted a platform which allowed me to educate and empower women and children who have lived through abuse, neglect, and loss to recognize their worth, value, and capabilities to better their lives.Mysti Linne, Owner of WLW Network, LLC I also wanted to build a business which offered new skills, a means to share their stories, a manner they could begin building a residual income, and offer a program which would invest in the businesses of the same people I could help.
In the end, Women Lifting Women became the core of WLW Network. Women who have endured trauma struggle with the way they view themselves which inhibits their confidence in making decisions to propel them forward. When surrounded by women who love fiercely and support their peers, they realize they can change their lives. Community changes people. It might take a village to raise children, but it takes a tribe of women to love, nurture, and support the healing of every inner child to witness the miracle of strength blooming.

Welcome to WLW Network – a place where women release past pains, embrace the present, and build their future.