Mysti Linne founded WLW Network after recognizing a need to have peer support for women who have lived through traumatic experiences including child abuse, domestic violence, and the loss of a child. Women are faced with unique challenges associated with each trauma and do not fit into a one-size-fits-all box in recovery.

Domestic violence and child abuse go hand-in-hand. Children raised in a hostile, unpredictable environment suffer long term effects of those physically abused including fear, guilt, shame, sleep disturbances, sadness, depression, and anger. Additionally, when these children age, they are at greater risk of alcohol and drug addiction, running away, juvenile delinquency, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.¹

For women who lose a child abruptly, the trauma reactions are similar as those who have lived through trauma. In addition, following the loss of a child, a study in Israel showed², women’s lifespans were shorter leading to the possible unresolved grief, PTSD, loss of meaning of one’s life, and prolonged stress adversely affecting physical health. For women living with the immense grief of child loss, a recovery program requires a gentleness less commonly found in traditional practices which encompass a whole-self approach.

WLW Network offers a variety of options to assist women in moving beyond surviving into thriving. Mysti Linne carefully creates classes and coaching programs to gently guide each client beyond the emotional burdens which make living difficult to experience. The goal for each participant should be to walk away with a greater sense of self, purpose, and wholeness.

WLW Network recognizes men can and are also victims of domestic violence. WLW Network’s initial focus is strictly on assisting women to regain their lives moving forward with plans to expand services in the future. 

¹Effects of Domestic Violence on Children – Domestic Violence Roundtable 
²When a Parent Loses a Child – Psychology Today


To inspire women to rise above circumstance.
To heal past wounds.
To create balance.
To teach skills to move forward whole.
To create financial independence.

All women:

are worth knowing and loving.
have value.
don’t ever have to pretend life is perfect.
have skills and knowledge that can be used now to make life better.
deserve support.
have authenticity is breathtakingly beautiful.

Reminds women of their importance.
Teaches modalities of working through limiting thoughts.
Encourages viewing trauma from a different perspective – shifting pain to the past.
Teaches how to build authentic relationships.
Breakdowns processes into actionable goals.
Brings accountability.
Develops methods of generating income.
Celebrates transformation, beautiful messes, and the true, authentic person.