Standalone Publication Services

Manuscript completion is a reason to celebrate! Be proud of what you have accomplished. The next step is to prepare your book for print which includes different types of editing (line-edits, copyedits, and proofreading) and preparing your manuscript. If you plan to self-publish, these steps are vital to the success of your book. WLW Network, LLC offers standalone editing and pagination services for authors who intend to self-publish in addition to accepting a limited range of manuscripts.

The following information is based on page counts using industry standard of 250 words per page. The following rates do not include fact checking, researching, or source quote validation which range between $30 and $60 per hour.


Proofreading looks for basic errors including improper punctuation, misspellings, incorrect word choice (they’re versus their), and basic grammatical errors.

  • Number of pages per hour 9-12
  • Hourly rate $30
  • Average cost for a 50,000-word manuscript $500-$700


Copyediting is a step above proofreading. An editor corrects grammatical mistakes and checks for accuracy, consistency, and overall flow. Sentences could be rearranged, words changed, and all sourced material is verified.

  • Number of pages per hour 5-7
  • Hourly rate $40
  • Average cost for a 50,000-word manuscript $1,200-$1,500

Content Editing

Content editing is the most extensive type of editing. This service covers all the components of proofreading and copyediting in addition to rewriting sections and working with the author to improve the overall quality of the manuscript.

  • Number of pages per hour 2-4
  • Hourly rate $50
  • Average cost for a 50,000-word manuscript $2,500-$5,000

Manuscript Typesetting and Pagination

Typesetting and pagination involve taking a manuscript and formatting all the text within the book to promote ease of reading in addition to creating new pages where content loses value at standard page splits.

  • Number of pages per hour 10-50
  • Hourly rate $40
  • Average cost for a 50,000-word manuscript with few or no images $200
  • Average cost for a 50,000-word manuscript with many images and/or quotes $800

For a project specific quote, please contact us through the form below. Our preferred genres are non-fiction, memoir/autobiography, educational, Christian, and encouraging/uplifting fiction. We review and support all works by children and young adults with reduced rates for budding authors.