Submission Guidelines

Everyone has a story and yours deserves to be shared.

The primary focus of WLW Network is to empower trauma survivors who choose to tell their stories. We accept submissions from all men, women, and children who have overcome significant trauma and tragedy in a choice to live fully. In addition, we look to publish books aimed to inspire, rise above, heal, enhance skills in life and business, and promote balance. Given our primary focus on trauma survivors, it is imperative each book published is cognizant of the potential emotional, mental, and physical reactions others could experience. With this in mind, WLW Network encourages fewer recollections of traumatic experiences with the focus on triumph, victory, and the process of moving forward.


To submit a manuscript, please upload your document to any cloud system which provides a link for download (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) and use the contact page or contact form below to submit your manuscript for review with an introduction to yourself and your book. Be sure to include the link to your manuscript.