wlw network logoWLW Network, LLC is proud to announce three individual websites as part of a collective mission to empower women, enhance lives, and create sustainable and reproducible stability moving forward.

Through a variety of modalities and coaching programs, Mysti Linne has created a complete solution to assist women and their children in moving beyond loss, grief, and trauma into experiencing the vibrancy of life. As a life coach with services offered at, she teaches women how to rewrite their life story to release limiting belief systems which inhibit and adversely affect how they relate to the world. Trauma survivors are often riddled with shame, anger, and lack the confidence needed to reach their fullest potential. As a result, these women and their children face a variety of challenges including living at or below poverty. For those who can reach beyond the financial constraints, the consensus is their lives revolve around work which leaves less time to invest in their interpersonal relationships, especially with their children. The long-term effects of investing in women and children raise the level of care expected moving forward. Children growing into adulthood have greater parenting and coping skills; all developed from reestablishing a positive, healthy relationship bond with their parent. The positive growth reduces the chance of continuing abusive cycles in addition to providing confidence, drive, and desire to lead a more productive life.

As part of Mysti’s coaching system, she encourages families to create their healing story and women to write about their transformation in a memoir-style collective. The process of writing and creating artwork paired with writings further solidifies healthy coping skills, new thought patterns, behaviors, and increases self-confidence, self-worth, and desire to live life once thought impossible. As part of her education initiative, Mysti Linne launches in July 2017 with courses taught by women, for women, and to empower women. The courses are designed by a collective of women and range in price from $5-$100 depending on their depth and scope. In recognizing the need for women to receive adequate pay, Women Lifting Women provides a 75/25 split benefiting the instructors.

WLW Network, the site hosting this announcement, is dedicated to providing a publishing platform for all women and children to share their stories. All authors receive quarterly royalty payments based on their book sales and cooperate with WLW Network on marketing. Moving forward, WLW Network aims to create a non-profit organization to collaborate with local, regional, and national non-profits with interest in enhancing the lives of women and children.

For press inquiries, please contact Mysti at 520-240-7103 or by email at