“Through the Storm” Anthologies Benefiting Harvey Survivors

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

Fred Rogers

As news forecasted Harvey’s imminent Gulf Coast approach, I found myself glued to every piece of information, praying the hurricane would slow, change course, and spare a place and people I hold dear. I followed current accounts as the torrential downpour, and the wind brought devastation and took lives. I cried countless tears, sat on the edge of my seat, checked in on people I knew in the areas affected, and mourned the losses while celebrating the rescues.

As I embraced the myriad of emotions I felt while remaining aware of the situation; I knew I had to be a helper. I yearned to be on the ground pouring my love into one place in this world where I have more happy memories than all the places I’ve lived before and after. As a trauma survivor, I know the shock, anger, and profound loss each person feels. I grasp the limbo survivors are walking through, how time stands still and moves forward simultaneously – the place where the brain struggles to comprehend reality, process what needs to happen next and attempts to find a resolution to the traumatic experience. As hundreds of thousands of people and animals are displaced, I know the importance of people reaching out and lifting them up.

No matter how much I desire to be on the ground in Texas, I cannot be there physically. I cannot spend hours in the sun delivering food to families sifting through the rubble that was once the life they knew, or physically tearing out wet walls, carrying trash, or piling wet belongings in a yard. I cannot stand or sit for hours on end. Physically, I’m still fighting a rough recovery from a surgery two months ago. Being there is impossible. What I can do, however, is pour the love I desire to share with the communities I cherish into a project. I can bring people together around this country to make one hell of a difference through writing, editing, and publishing anthologies which remind all the survivors they are not alone. Anthologies which capture all the emotions survivors are unable to separate and feel from the hurricane raging inside so they can heal. And I can donate 100% of the profits made to non-profit organizations on the ground making a difference.

I couldn’t take on a project of this magnitude on my own, and I am blessed to know so many people who work in the writing and publishing industries. It is with their experience and strengths where we, collectively, will create two books captivating readers and benefiting survivors.

WLW Network, LLC, is honored to take on the liability and responsibility for publishing two anthologies benefiting Hurricane Harvey Survivors. We are currently accepting submissions for Laughing Through the Storm and Barking Through the Storm.

Laughing Through the Storm

An Anthology of Belly-Busting Stories Benefiting Harvey Survivors captures real-life humor in short poignant essays. In addition to humor, we are looking to fill this book with hope, resilience, determination, strength, and service; the very qualities each survivor is displaying right now. This book is a mirror reflecting their very characteristics, qualities, and perseverance.

Barking Through the Storm

An Anthology of Heartwarming Pet Stories Benefiting Harvey’s Displaced Animals captures the awe, wonder, humor, and love shared between people and their furry, fuzzy, feathery, and fabulous pets. Each story serves as a reminder of how our lives are better because of the animals we hold close.


What are the technical specifications for anthology submissions?

We are accepting stories of no more than 700 words for both books.

What is the deadline for submitting a story?

The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2017. Our slated release is November 1, 2017, with a pre-order option for purchases beginning in October.

Where can I submit my story?

Submissions can be sent to HarveySubmissions. One of our team will personally respond to your submission acknowledging receipt.

When can I expect to hear if my story is accepted?

As a team, our goal is to produce high-quality books quickly. We expect it will take one to two weeks from submission closing date to make final determinations.

Will I have to sign a contract?

Yes. Included in your acceptance email, you will receive a contract for non-exclusive publishing rights. This contract must be returned within seven days to ensure the team has enough time to run a small proof print of the books prior to publication.

Are you paying for submissions?

This project is 100% donated for Harvey Survivors. WLW Network, LLC and all individuals working as part of the team bringing this project forward are volunteering our services, time, and expertise. Under these circumstances, we believe it is in the best interest of all Harvey Survivors we do not provide monetary gain for submissions.  We will be providing all published contributors two copies of the anthology their story appears.

I have experience. Can I help? 

We would love your assistance in bringing this project forward. Please send an email to Mysti Linne with the subject, “Harvey Helpers Volunteer” with detailed information about your experience and area you desire to assist. If we have a need, we will be thrilled to include you!

I’m not a writer, what can I do? 

Share! Please share this information to your social circle. The more people aware of this project, the greater the impact we all can have. This isn’t possible without you.